Frequently Asked Questions

  1. IS IT FREE TO SUBMIT IMAGES? – Yes. There is no cost to submit images to be considered for publication. We do have a paid option for a guaranteed cover and you can find information on that in the requirements section.
  2. WHERE CAN I PURCHASE A COPY OF THE MAGAZINE? – You can purchase a copy of the magazine on Magcloud. We appreciate all that support the magazine!
  3. DO YOU PROVIDE FREE COPIES? – No. We do not provide any free copies. However, we do provide tear sheets upon request. See how to request tear sheets.
  4. HOW DO I GET TEAR SHEETS? – Tearsheets are available by request only.  Please email us with the magazine issue you were featured in, the model’s name, and the photographer’s name. Tearsheets requests are responded to within 1-2 weeks. If you do not include all the information, this might delay your request from being fulfilled.